Started at 10PM with plenty of breaks in between for photography and discussions .

The targets observed were:

  • Milky way
  • Meteors
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Moon
  • M45, Pleiades
  • M42, Orion Nebula
  • M36
  • M38
  • NGC 1893
  • The double cluster in Perseus(was visible to the naked eyes!)
  • M35
  • M44, Beehive cluster(was visible to the naked eyes!!)
  • M41
  • M81 nd M82
  • Melotte 111, Coma Berenises cluster
  • Virgo galaxy cluster-M59,M60 and one more galaxy whose name I am not sure of.
  • Eta Carinae nebula(was visible to the naked eyes!!)
  • Omega Centauri
  • Clouds at 3AM halted the event

The observation site The observation site Photo Credit: Tamil Eniyan

The team The team Photo Credit: Rajasekhar Devarapalli