we observed quite a lot of interesting objects. However, we missed the Virgo cluster of galaxies and other good ones in Ursa Major thanks to clouds and dew in the early mornings..here is a list of objects that we observed:

  1. Jupiter
  2. Moon and Saturn in the same FOV
  3. Orion Nebula(M42)
  4. Pleiades(M45)
  5. Hyades
  6. The double cluster in Perseus
  7. Open clusters M38 M37 or M36 in Auriga
  8. M44(the beehive cluster or the Praesepe) in Cancer
  9. M41 in Canis Major
  10. M53, a globular cluster in Coma Berenices
  11. The Jewel Box or the kappa Crucis Cluster in Crux
  12. M35 in Gemini
  13. A few binary stars
  14. M37 or M36 in Auriga(Not sure about the ID)
  15. The milky way(with the naked eyes)

The Moon

The team