Clouds ruined the night.

We managed to observe using the two narrow gaps between 10:20 and 10:50 PM and 3:10 to 3:30 PM.

Here is a list of objects that we observed in that approximately 1 hour viewing window:

  • M45, M1 in Taurus.
  • M79 in Lepus.
  • M42, M43, M78 in Orion.
  • M36, M37, M38 in Auriga.
  • M35 in Gemini.
  • M41 in CMa.
  • M50 in Monoceros.
  • M46, M47, M93 in Puppis.
  • M48 in Hydra.
  • M44 in Cancer.
  • M84, M86, M49, M60, M59, M58, M87, M89, M90, M61 in Virgo.
  • M104 in Corvus.
  • M13 in Hercules.
  • M12, M10, M107 in Ophiuchus.
  • M80, M4, M6, M7 in Scorpius.
  • M57 in Lyra.
  • M8, M20, M21 in Sagittarius.

We also spotted Omega Centauri, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

A total of 40 Messier objects in around 50 minutes. This was more of a Messier sprint than a Messier marathon grin emoticon We are going to have the Messier marathon again after a fortnight and I hope clouds don’t ruin it for us then.